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Our training courses are practice-oriented and we use interactive and diverse methods to create an inclusive community where everyone’s opinion counts.


Our trainings are in Hungarian, becuase we want these learning opportunities to be accessible to a wide range of Hungarian activists. The figure below shows the trainings we offer:


You can join our trainings or events…

If you experience injustice: If you experience systemic injustice that you wish to understand better and take long-term action against, our free and open program on social inequality and civil rights are for you.

If you are already organizing: If you are a member of a group, movement or NGO working for social justice, we offer a range of interactive training and professional materials on advocacy, group building, activism, critical pedagogy and communication.

If you are interested: If you want a better insight into topics such as activism, movement building or social inequalities, our film clubs, discussions and, publications are for you!

How do we teach?

  • Training: We deliver 1 or 2 day trainings with 15-20 participants. We learn by using interactive methods in a diverse community.
  • Online training: Online training courses usually consist of 2-4 sessions. We tipically work with 10-15 participants and use interactive methods encouraging participation. 
  • Filmclub: Documentary film screening on successful and inspirational movements, followed by a discussion with guests on the current aspects of the topic.
  • Reading group: based on short texts, we discuss an important social problem and look for possible solutions for about 3 hours with 10-15 participants. 
  • Board game session: We play our Organise! activist board game, followed by a short discussion with 5-10 players over 2 hours. 
  • In addition, we occasionally organise a city walks, movement building urban games, conferences or a summer universities.

All of our events are free of cost and no prior education is required. Most of our program take place in locations accessible to people with disabilities, and we can provide travel cost, accommodation, lunch and childcare for participants who need it, so that no one is left out due to financial or physical constraints!

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