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Learn, organize, be a changemaker!
Democracy is not a noun but a verb. It only exists if we do it!
miskolc csoportszervezés
Knowledge gives us power!
A community acting for change.

The School of Public Life works for a world where everyone can participate in public life and decision making regardless of social status. We help active citizens to organise themselves into a movement to stand up for their rights and interests effectively.

Our goal is to make available the necessary knowledge and skills for grassroots social justice organizing. We support civil society organisations to operate more effectively. We build a diverse community where critical thinking, democratic participation and solidarity are valued.

What do we do?

Political education for adults

Books and knowledge production

Participatory action research

Strategic planning for organizations

We create social change with education.
You can be a part of our mission:

If you experience injustice:

If you experience systemic injustice that you wish to understand better and take long-term action against, our free and open program on social inequality and civil rights are for you.

If you are already organizing:

If you are a member of a group, movement or NGO working for social justice, we offer a range of interactive training and professional materials on advocacy, group building, activism, critical pedagogy and communication.

If you are interested:

If you want a better insight into topics such as activism, movement building or social inequalities, our film clubs, discussions and, publications are for you!


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participants outside of Budapest

In June 16-17th 2023 we realized the Our Common Power international conference. This event is a continuation of the Our Common City conference,  that we held on two previous occasions...
Friday, June 16. 1.00-7.30pmSaturday, June 17. 10am-6.30pmorganizer: Közélet Iskolájavenue: Central European University (Budapest 1051, Nádor utca 15.) Kattints ide az esemény magyar leírásáért! The two-day international conference will bring together...
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