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What makes us proud


participants every year


returning participants


organizations participate in our programs every year


participants from outside of Budapest


Most of our program take place in locations accessible to people with disabilities, and we can provide travel cost, accommodation, lunch and childcare for participants who need it, so that no one is left out due to financial or physical constraints!

The impact of our training

We conducted a study to measure the impact of our trainings on participants.

We are proud to announce that our participants:


become more aware of and sensitive about social injustice


show solidarity towards those who are affected by social injustice and stand up for their values


feel that they are able to make a change in their own environments

What do our participants like the most about our trainings?

Being able to learn in a diverse environment is highly appreciated. It is motivating for our participants to hear the experiences of people they otherwise would not have met, because our courses are quite mixed when it comes to age, geography or identity. Their other major experience of participants is our down-to-earth and, practical approach and interactive methodology.

How participants rate our trainings?

Performance of the trainers




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Participants said:

“This is a community where you can gain useful knowledge regarding your own life in a playful way, which will help you stand up for your rights.”
“These trainings give me confidence to raise my voice if I don't like how things are going. This is not being taught anywhere else.”
"The training was very thought-provoking, with diverse methods and a good atmosphere."
“Practical knowledge based on real experience that can be used immediately.”
A kosarad üres.